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Ways to Curb PMS Food Cravings

The diet was going all fine till you experienced the PMS and the crazy cravings it brings with it. This is a story every girl has heard and been through at least once in her life. The hormonal changes coupled with the physiological effects of PMS are bound to have its impact on our body. This has us all running to comfort foods like a baby which usually revolve around fats and carbs.

What causes food cravings during PMS?

The food cravings that we are talking about begin to subside as you progress with your periods and are at their highest when your body has just ovulated. It is during this time that you are bound to feel anxiety, unnecessary stress and uncalled cravings that drop in from nowhere and are uncalled for. These cravings are spiked by the increased levels of cortisol levels in the blood along with a substantial drop in the good hormones in our body. Since foods that are rich in fats and sugar called for a sudden release of these good hormones, our bodies keep craving for them to make up for the lack of it. But this doesn’t have to be so.

With proper management, you can control your food cravings and ensure a healthier diet even during that time of the month.

  1. Play Smart
    The body owing to the change in hormones is bound to crave for carbohydrates and foods that are rich in fats. You don’t have to deny what it demands but rather give that in forms that will bring on less harm and regrets. Be smart and choose carbs that leas processed to ensure steadiness in your blood sugar. Go for whole grain food items and try to stay away from chips, crackers, and fried foods. If you can, bake yourself some sweet potato fries at home to enjoy a healthy treat or maybe even have some pre-baked spicy chickpeas as an afternoon snack.
  2. Mini Meals
    Hunger and cravings can strike up any time of the day during this time, regardless of where you are or how many calories you have consumed already. The key to balancing the calories that you eat all day lies in dividing the meals that you have in smaller portions. Having 6 mini meals instead of three big ones will allow you more room to curb your cravings and leave you with enough room to enjoy snacks that you feel like having without feeling guilty by any means.

    You do not want to go hungry for too long or your crazy cravings will have you pigging out on the next meal that is served to you on the table. In order to avoid possible overeating, you need to feed your body at regular intervals throughout the day.
  1. Eat Protein
    The thing about proteins is that they not only stabilize blood sugar levels but are also good at keeping your stomach full for longer. Start by having a hearty breakfast that constitutes at least 20 grams of proteins. This would have you feeling satisfied, leaving lesser room for unnecessary nibbling and snacking in between the meals.
  2. Don’t go overboard with alcohol and caffeine
    If you are in the habit of starting your day with a cup of coffee, then don’t skip out on that. However, taking too much caffeine can make you feel more stressed out. Similarly, alcohol too can have the same effect as they both would disrupt your sleep cycle and leave you feeling low on energy the morning after. Don’t believe us? How about your skip out on a coffee or your glass of wine the day before your menstrual cycle is about to begin and see how it affects your cravings and energy levels?
  3. Bloating needs to be avoided
    The thing about bloating is that it can make you feel overweight and can drive you to literally give up on your dieting and fitness routine that you have been following and succumb to your cravings. Why? Because you have gotten fat so you might as well enjoy what you like. Do not let temporary bloating make you do impressionable damage to your diet. As for bloating, take help from detox drinks to minimize its effects and leave you feeling more energized. You can also introduce probiotics to balance the good bacteria in your body.

With this being said, PMS cravings can be pretty crazy. You need to act smart and not give in to the games your hormones are playing on your mind. Choose what you eat wisely and you will be good to enjoy your days with minimal effects during this time of the month.

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