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How to Keep Your Stomach Satisfied for Longer

One of the biggest reasons why most of us are not too keen on following some diet plan or monitoring calorie intake is because of the hunger pangs that we would have to deal with. The fact that most of these diets keep our stomachs empty through most part of the day is the reason why they fail within the first few days. Eating right and in controlled portions is important but this doesn’t mean that you cannot have a fuller and more satisfied stomach.

Here are some of the eating tricks and foods that can help you achieve this goal of hitting just the right note between satisfaction and satiety.

1. Eggs to the rescue

They are the perfect combination of fats and proteins that help you stay full for longer. To add to this, eating eggs lowers the levels of ghrelin in your body: a hormone that is responsible for making you want to eat again. If too concerned about egg yolks, you can always skip on them and consume egg whites alone.

2. Apples

They are a great source of fiber and healthy nutrients. Moreover, apples have the tendency of keeping our stomachs full for longer and leaving us satisfied enough to not want to eat anytime soon. Have an apple half an hour before your meal or in the breakfast and you will notice how it suppresses your hunger prompts you to eat less.

3. Soups

They take up more volume in the stomach but are not too high in their calorie contents.  This means that they can take the edge off your appetite leaving smaller room for the meal that is about to follow. Having low-calorie broths before the major meal can help you control the calories you eat and feel satisfied for longer too.

4. Water

It is one of the best things that you can have throughout the day. With zero calories of its own, water can keep your stomach full and would keep those major hunger pangs at bay for longer too. Filling up on water before you start eating anything helps you exert portion control and keeps the digestive system healthy too.

5. Avocados

They are a great source of healthy fats and loaded with fiber. Having avocados keeps the heart healthy and stomach full. Since such foods that long to get digested, they lower your body’s needs to eat more frequently or nibble onto unnecessary snack items every now and then. Have it in breakfast or add it to your salad at lunch, either way, it should be good to keep you full for some good hours once you are done eating.

6. Nuts

Nuts are a great source of healthy fat and rich in nutrients. They are nature’s way of curbing appetite. People who have nuts every day or make use of butter made from these nuts, be it peanuts or almonds tend to stay fuller for longer. They also slow down digestion and regulate the sugar levels in the blood more efficiently.

7. Eat fiber

Eating foods that are high in fiber is one great way of achieving satiety. Fibers take longer to digest, are low in calories and take up more room in your stomach too. This means that you not only get full faster but for longer too.   Targeting around 25 to 30 grams of fibers every day is a great way of maintaining weight and staying healthy at the same time. This figure can be achieved through leafy greens, legumes, vegetables, and fruits even. As long as you stay away from the refined sources for fiber and go for natural ones instead, you should be in good hands.

8. More Proteins

While helping with muscle growth, proteins also help you hit the right keep of satiety. They take longer to digest and help fill up your stomach faster too. Aiming for a good 20 to 40 grams to proteins in every meal with some fibers will leave very little room for you to nibble on processed food items or crave for things you shouldn’t be eating otherwise.

When it comes to achieving satiety and satisfaction, the brain along with the body needs to be tricked to play the role we want. Including these foods in your diet will help you go on longer without feeling the need to eat anything and this will help you stay within the desired calorie intake goal and stick to your diet plan more importantly.

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