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Endomorph Diet Plan: Sample Meal Plan Menu and Food List

Have you ever heard of eating for your body type? This term may sound familiar to you, as it continues to draw new dieters due to its more personalized approach to dieting. But what is the associated endomorph diet plan, and how could it potentially benefit your dieting attempts?

In this article, we’ll break down the endomorph diet plan and provide you with guidance on how to follow it and what you can and cannot eat.

What Is the Endomorph Diet?

A psychologist by the name of William Sheldon categorized the human body into three main types in the 1940s. These body types were called mesomorphic, endomorphic, and ectomorphic. Each of these body types were subsequently assigned with certain traits pertaining to how they carried body weight and metabolized foods.

Sheldon’s endomorph body type was determined to have a generally heavier-set frame and higher body fat percentage. Those with the endomorph body type are not always obese, but also do not generally fall into the leaner category.

It’s said that due to certain physical makeup characteristics, those with the endomorph body type can experience a more significant impact from calorie consumption than those with other body types. Due to this fact, it’s recommended that endomorphs follow a more careful diet and calorie restrictions.

How to Determine If You Are an Endomorph

If you’re trying to assess which body type you are and whether you are an endomorph, consider the following characteristics as they apply to you:

  • Endomorphs often have a pear-shape physique.
  • Those who tend to gain weight more easily are usually categorized as endomorphs.
  • Endomorphs usually have larger, softer frames than other body types.
  • Losing weight is often a struggle due to metabolism challenges associated with the endomorph body type.

If you’re still not sure, you can take a helpful quiz here to assist in determining your body type match.

Other Body Types

If the endomorph body type doesn’t seem to fit your physique, there are two other categories that may better describe you:

  • Ectomorph – Those with the ectomorph body type usually have a thinner frame and often experience difficulty in the area of gaining muscle mass. Ectomorphs typically have high metabolic rates.
  • Mesomorph – Mesomorphs are somewhere in the middle of ectomorphs and endomorphs. For mesomorphs, an athletic build is often carried. Muscle is generally pretty easy to build for mesomorphs who tend to have a solid frame. Mesomorphs also often have muscular-shaped chests and square heads.

What Foods Are Okay to Eat?

If you’ve determined your body type to be more on the endomorph side, it’s vital that you watch what you eat to stay healthy and avoid unwanted weight gain. A balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats will generally work for endomorphs.

Here are some foods that generally work well for this body type:

  • Lean poultry
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Nuts, such as hazelnuts, walnuts, and almonds
  • Canola and avocado cooking oils
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Most fruits
  • Vegetables low in starch
  • Whole-grain and whole-wheat foods
  • Quinoa

What Foods Should be Avoided?

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has stated that carbohydrates and insulin can be trouble areas for those with endomorph body types. Because of these sensitivities and their potential impact on weight and health, it’s important that endomorphs are wary of foods such as the following:

  • Starchy foods, such as white bread and pasta
  • Sugary foods, such as chocolate, candy, and desserts
  • Sugary drinks, such as sodas and juices
  • Processed foods
  • Fatty, fried foods
  • Red meat
  • High-sodium foods
  • Sugary cereals and breakfast items
  • Foods and cooking oils that are high in saturated fats

Sample Daily Meal Plan

So with so many recommended restrictions in place for endomorphs, what should you plan to eat? Below we’ve listed several meal plan options that could work well to best support this body type.

Breakfast Options

  • One cup old fashioned oatmeal topped with fresh fruit
  • Three scrambled eggs with freshly cut fruit
  • Fruit smoothie blended with low-fat yogurt

Lunch Options

  • Fresh salad topped with slivered almonds, grilled chicken, and a light dressing
  • Turkey lunch meat wrapped with sliced Swiss cheese
  • Quinoa Greek salad with olives, feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a light dressing

Dinner Options

  • Grilled salmon with quinoa and asparagus
  • Baked chicken breast topped with low-fat honey Dijon dressing and served with brown rice and cooked carrots
  • Zucchini noodles with tomato sauce served with a side salad

Snack Options

  • Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit
  • One serving of almonds or pistachios
  • Two rice cakes topped with low-sugar peanut butter
  • Broccoli spears and low-fat ranch dip

Working Out Regularly Is Key

Having a regular workout plan is essential for those who have an endomorph body type. Because endomorphs tend to retain and gain fat at a higher rate, incorporating a workout regimen that consists of a balance of cardio and weight training can be helpful. An overwhelming portion of studies have shown that high-intensity interval training is also helpful for reducing body fat. Before starting any new exercise routine, be sure to coordinate with your physician.

Potential Diet Options

If you’re looking for restrictive diet plans that have the potential to work well with endomorph body types, consider the following as options:

  • Paleo – The paleo diet may be the closest to following dietary recommendations for endomorphs. The paleo diet consists of primarily eating non-processed, plant-based, and meat food items that are thought to be similar to what was consumed during the paleolithic era. This diet does not typically allow for high consumption of sugars and carbohydrates.
  • Diabetic – Because it’s important that endomorphs restrict carbs and sugars as much as possible, the diabetic diet could be an excellent solution. The diabetic diet seeks to reduce blood sugar levels by limiting sugar, carb, starch, and processed food intake.
  • Keto – The keto diet can potentially help with quick weight loss and with limiting sugar and carb intakes. However, keto diet followers who have the endomorph body type should beware of consuming too much fat through this diet plan.

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