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Healthy Snacks For Diet And Weight Loss

Today, numerous people are struggling to shed weight and maintain a more salubrious lifestyle. While others do it for health reasons, others do it for the aesthetic value. Beauty has, in recent times, been associated with minimized body weight. Those who are fit are passed off as having the ideal body.

Weight loss is more often than not dependent on your diet. You are what you eat. With this, it is also common knowledge that snacking is an integral part of our lifestyles. It gives us that amazing feeling, and it can also be integrated into losing weight.

Must you, therefore, forego one for the other? Weight or snack? Is it possible for you to lose weight as you continue enjoying your snacks?

If your choice is to eat healthy whole foods, foods with lots of nutrients and proteins, snacks can prove essential to shedding weight. Such snacks are capable of giving you a full feeling throughout the day, thereby limiting your unhealthy food cravings.

Sacrificing snacks in order to cut calories is not something that you should have to do. Snacks are an essential aspect of your day to day life. Aren’t they? Healthy snacking can make sure that you will not be ravenous when meal times come. This maintains your metabolism high in burning fat.

Below are a couple of snack choices, nutritionist-approved, that will prove essential in your weight loss diet.

Almonds and Dark Chocolate

Almonds contain monounsaturated fats that are healthy for the heart and have a positive effect on the levels of blood sugar. Research shows that almonds are capable of reducing your appetite, hence playing a significant role in weight loss.

Dark chocolate is filled with flavanols responsible for lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease. This is provided by cocoa solids that are contained in the chocolate. 

Together, almonds and dark chocolate have high magnesium content. Depending on the content of cocoa, an ounce may provide a total of up to 300 calories.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt containing honey and raspberries is not only sweet and creamy but also filling. You get a fully indulgent feeling from it. Healthy fats, fiber, and protein combinations are guaranteed. Additionally, raspberries contain vitamin C that increases your body’s ability to burn fat. 

Celery Sticks and Cream Cheese

The two are a classic filling snack that is low on carbs. Luteolin contained in celery is an antioxidant and reduces inflammation. It is also helpful in cancer prevention. Sixty grams of cream cheese and five little celery sticks contain less than 200 calories.

Freekeh Foods

Freekeh is a type of cereal obtained from green wheat that has been roasted. This is the only ingredient contained in the original blend of the snack. Having four grams of fiber, six grams of protein, zero sodium, and just 130 calories in every quarter-cup serving, this is an opportunity to treat yourself to an even more substantial meal. If you wish to mix up things a little, you can try tamari or rosemary sage.  

Fruit Piece

Healthy snacks are not necessarily that complicated. Something as simple as one piece of fruit is all that is required to leave you incredibly satisfied. Fruits are easy and convenient snacks, as they are easy to eat and portable. Try an apple, some grapes, or even a banana.


A single cup of edamame will have a third of your body’s daily protein and fiber requirements met. If you would want them to last a little longer, sucking them right from the shells might be of help. 

Mixed Nuts

These are a very nutritious snack choice. They are associated with reduced heart disease risk and are essential in the prevention of certain cancers, other diseases, and also depression. Though they have a high-fat content, they are also quite filling. Moderate consumption of nuts has been shown to help in weight loss. 

With nuts, you are provided an ideal healthy fat, fiber, and protein balance. On average, a serving of one ounce has 180 calories.

Cottage Cheese and Wheat Thins

With these, you have the option of either dipping several wheat thins inside the cottage cheese or having them side by side. Contained in a half cottage-cheese-cup serving is a quarter of the daily recommended protein intake. Instead of opting for the non-fat option, you can opt for 2% or full fat. When mixed with the protein, the fat will keep the stomach full until the next meal.

Kale Chips

The health benefits of kale chips are incredible. Kale chips are filled with fiber as well as antioxidants such as kaempferol and quercetin. Such compounds are associated with decreased blood pressure and possibly reduce colon cancer risk. One cup of raw kale will provide you with over a hundred percent of the daily value (DV).

Oatmeal with Blueberries

Oats are not only ideal for breakfast, as you can have them at any time of day. They are filled with fiber and help in the regulation of the levels of blood sugar. Blueberries, on the other hand, provide an additional burst of sweetness, without table sugar addition, together with vitamin c.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

When it comes to foods you can eat to aid in weight loss, eggs are ranked among the healthiest available options. Packed in them are a lot of vitamins B12 and K2, and also proteins. With eggs, your stomach gets an incredible fill, possibly reducing the number of calories ingested for many hours. This is important in weight loss. 

Eggs have received a negative reputation due to their high levels of cholesterol. Nonetheless, research shows that eating moderate amounts of eggs does not put you at the risk of developing heart complications. 140 calories are contained in two hard-boiled eggs and 13 grams protein.


Popcorn comes packed with fiber and contains a small number of calories. Sprinkle some yeast on top of the popcorn. The almost cheese-like nutty-flavored flakes serve as an excellent vitamin B12 source. This vitamin is essential in not only boosting metabolism but also burning calories and stored fat.

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