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Benefits of a Regular Eating Schedule

Not many people reckon with the health and other gains a regular eating schedule contributes to our bodies. As reported by, Circulation, an American Heart Association journal, reports the findings of a group of researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health, essentially determining that your meals are best taken between 6 am and 7 pm each day. The habit of eating too early or too late is a shortcut to ill health, and a lot of negative consequences may result from such a routine.

It’s sometimes true that work rosters could be a contributory factor to your irregular meal times. Still, you need to consciously reschedule your activities to favor the timely consumption of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since we cannot survive without food, we have to develop the habit of maintaining a good diet routine, which can sometimes be as important as the diet itself.

Irregular mealtimes can lead to heart disease, increase sugar level, and cause weight gain, as well as other health complications.

What You Gain From a Regular Eating Schedule

Below are some benefits of maintaining a regular eating schedule:

  1. Quick digestion: When you follow a good meal routine, your body’s digestion efficiency improves. Basically, you are feeding your metabolism at the right times, and not burdening it with crucial digestive tasks when, for instance, the body should be winding down for sleep.
  2. A healthier life through regular eating schedule: Since late meals may result in constipation, weight gain, and other health complications, eating early at night and at appropriate times during the day improves overall health.
  3. Reduction in weight: Constant intake of late meals is a factor in excessive weight gain.  Therefore, endeavor to eat your dinner early. Also, consider food composition per meal. When fixing your dinner, select lighter foods at night and heavier foods during the day, especially in the morning.
  4. Guarantees a good night’s rest: Indigestion, constipation, and heartburn are more likely to happen to people that do not practice a regular eating schedule. Such illnesses can be prevented whenever they regularize meal times. Eating early before bedtime increases the chances of a better night’s rest. More so, some of these illnesses go beyond discomfort and can be very harmful to our bodies.
  5. Increases your energy level: Eating your breakfast early will replenish the energy you lost while sleeping. This will boost your strength and make your body fit for the day’s activities. The meal consumed during breakfast will be digested in a few hours. The body will then require more food during the midday. While planning for the midday meal, always try to nail it as early as you can manage it. It will replenish the energy lost by the body during the morning undertakings. When preparing dinner, fix meals that can be easily digested. Consuming your dinner early enough will automatically reduce your blood sugar level. This reduction will minimize the risk of health challenges like fatigue, heartburn, etc.
  6. Guarantees good digestive health: Indigestion is one of the health problems that arise as a result of late meals. After your breakfast, relax your body for some minutes before embracing your daily routine. Also, spend some time in light activity before going to bed after dinner. Embracing your bed immediately after dinner will result in improper digestion. Therefore, make it an obligation to eat meals early enough before the next logical activity of the day or night.
  7. Minimizes the risk of cancer: Your body has better chances of not developing cancer when you eat your dinner at least a couple of hours before going to bed. According to Healthline, a study finds the risk of prostate and breast cancer reduced if we spend hours after a meal before bed.
  8. Relaxes your brain: Eating your meal earlier enables your brain to relax and enjoy a good night’s rest. Indigestion can promote a restless night, fatigue, which can eventually result in depression or mental health. It also goes without saying that you will experience a better state of mind when you wake up from a sound sleep.
  9. Guarantees a happier day: Eating your breakfast early enough will lessen your daily body stress. When your body enjoys a regular eating schedule, you will experience great performance at work and at play.

Why Every Meal is Important as You Keep a Regular Eating Schedule


Breakfast should be served as an energy refilling meal. While we sleep at night, our bodies experience a lot of energy loss. Partaking in a healthy meal during breakfast enables your body to re-energize for the day. While planning breakfast, keep calories in mind, and remember that some meals should be excluded from your meal plan. Therefore eat any of the following foods as your breakfast: Berries, omelets, milk, fruits, coffee, eggs, and any other food within this category. Eating breakfast at the appropriate time comes with the following gains:

  • Keeps your body fit throughout the day.
  • Gets your body ready for the daily activities.
  • Maintains calorie intake in the body.
  • Replenishes the energy lost during the night’s rest.
  • Improves body health


After the activity during the morning hours, the body will require food to continue its performance in the afternoon. Lunch is very essential to our bodies, as it replaces the depleted energy from breakfast. Maintaining a regular eating schedule for lunch gives the following advantages:

  • Helps the body to regain more energy.
  • Prevents fatigue during the afternoon period.
  • Improves brain performance and mental alertness needed for work.
  • Enables the kids to acquire more vitamins and nutrient.
  • Enables the body to remain focused.


When you arrive home after your day, prepare your dinner following a healthy meal time-table. Eat your dinner early before going to bed. Even in sleep, a lot of activities are going on in our bodies. Therefore, try to always consume your meal at least two hours before sleeping. According to experts, our body experiences proper health when we make healthy choices like low calories veggies and fruits. Our body enjoys a lot of benefits when we maintain this schedule. Some of those benefits include;

  • Reduce the chances of developing cancer.
  • It enables our body to experience a better night’s rest.
  • Minimizes the risk of acquiring excess weight.
  • Promotes a healthier life.

Following these great tips will give you all the bodily and mental benefits of a regular eating schedule.

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