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12 Ideas to Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings in a Healthy Way

We all have a sweet tooth that is pretty hard to control and demands a lot of attention. A lot of people usually link desserts to unhealthy eating habits. However, you can also satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy way using healthy alternatives to sugar. Bananas, strawberries, and other fruits have a lot of natural carbohydrates in them that give them a naturally sweet flavor.

Here are 12 ideas to satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy way:

  1. Oatmeal raisin cookies

These delicious and mouth-watering cookies are a great alternative to unhealthy chocolate chip cookies. To make oatmeal cookies, you need oats, raisins, flour, brown sugar, vanilla essence, eggs, baking soda, butter, and salt. While oatmeal raisin cookies also contain a lot of calories, they’re way healthier than the alternative and unhealthy chocolate chip cookies.

  1. Healthy brownies

With just a few ingredients, you can make delicious and healthy brownies. All you have to do is mix bananas, cocoa powder, and almond butter in the right proportions and then take them to make delicious and healthy chocolate brownies!

  1. Banana Chocolate Bites

Slice bananas into large cylindrical pieces. Next, dip them into melted dark chocolate. Let the chocolate get hard and then enjoy this flavorful and healthy combination! The banana balances the bitter taste of the dark chocolate, giving you the ultimate chocolate bliss. Another variation of this recipe is to add peanut butter on top as well!

  1. Strawberry Chocolate Pops

Dip strawberries into melted dark chocolate. Let the chocolate harden and then enjoy this delicious combination that will satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy way! It’s simple and easy to make as well!

  1. Carrot Cake with Raisins and Walnuts

This is a healthy and delicious alternative to typical unhealthy chocolate cakes. Carrots are very good for your eyes because they contain a lot of Vitamin A. This vitamin helps improve night vision as well!

  1. Baked Apples with Peanut Butter

Slice apples in half. Next, remove the seeds and bake the apples for a few minutes. Next, add peanut butter in the pit formed by the removal of the seeds. After that, bake again for a few minutes. Now, drizzle some melted dark chocolate on top and then enjoy your healthy dessert!

  1. Banana Bread

This is a healthy alternative to typical pound cakes. You can also serve this bread with tea or you can also eat it as a dessert.

  1. Creamy Strawberry Bites

Top strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream. Add sprinkles to make the strawberries look more tempting. Eat away and satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy way!

  1. Protein bars

Mix honey, milk, oats, flaxseed, coconut powder, vanilla extract, dark chocolate chips, and some salt to make these delicious and sweet protein bars that are great for your health and will keep your stomach satisfied as well!

  1. Cherry chocolate pops

Dip a few cherries into melted dark chocolate. You can cover it with chocolate sprinkles as well for aesthetic purposes. Eat this healthy combination! It’s very easy and quick to make so if you have guests over and you don’t have time to prepare a fancy dessert, you can always go for cherry chocolate pops.

  1. Peanut Butter and Jam Bites

Peanut butter and jam is the perfect duo that has been around for a very, very long time. They complement each other and give a tasty and healthy combination. To make peanut butter and jam bites, line a muffin tray with cupcake liners. Next, add peanut butter to the cupcake liners until they’re half full. After that, add a teaspoon of your favorite jam. Next, cover with peanut butter again. You can add chopped nuts too on top for garnishing purposes. Let the tray sit in the freezer for about an hour. After that, remove the peanut butter and jam bites from the cupcake liners and serve in a plate. Enjoy this delicious and healthy combination!

  1. Smoothie pops

Make your favorite healthy smoothie and then pour it into the mold of a popsicle. Put this mold in the freezer until it has completely frozen. Enjoy this whenever you’re craving sweets!

So, what are you waiting for? Try these wonderful ideas that will satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy way! If you have kids at home, you should definitely start making these for them and encourage them to eat healthy because these types of habits that they learn during their childhood will go a long way!

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