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13 Things About Junk Food That Will Make You Want To Quit

There is no denying that even the thought of junk food makes our mouth water and has us craving for it. Moreover, they are easily accessible and thus have made our life so much easier. You feel lazy and don’t want to cook anything tonight? Well, worry no more. Junk food delivery is an option that you can always make use of.

But the question is that is it all worth it? Should you really be giving into your laziness and giving up on healthy food options in favor of junk food? Certainly not.

But if you still find it hard to quit junk food and need more motivation to do that, the following 13 reasons will help you maintain a firmer resolve.

1. A day on the lips…

…Forever on the hips.

Well, this is one quote we all are too familiar with and it sits fit with junk food perfectly. You are more prone to gaining weight and stubborn fat if you eat junk food than when you not.

2. Empty Nutrition

Junk food no matter how tasty and mouth-watering comes with no added nutritional value. In fact, they are often stuffed with chemicals that bring you more harm than good.

3. Chemicals and Preservatives

Did you know that recently McDonald’s was forced to change the recipe of its burger patty for it wasn’t capable of being digested without being sprayed by chemicals? Similarly, all the junk food options we have around are packed with preservatives to increase the shelf life and various chemicals to make up for taste and their lack of nutritional value.

4. Addiction

Have you ever realized that once you stop eating junk food, stopping yourself is not easy anymore? This is because all the chemicals and the high sugars found in these foods make them highly addictive in nature.

5. Not healthy

While it is something we all are aware of, still mentioning it again here as a gentle reminder. Junk food that we eat is not healthy at all and actually puts our health at risk by exposing it various problems.

6. Packed with Trans Fat

Your body to some extent can take in the saturated fats that come from animal sources. The junk food, however, is packed with chemically treated trans-fat that cause cardiovascular diseases and causes an obstruction in our arteries.

7. Cholesterol levels

All this poor quality fat that is going in your body disrupts the natural balance of healthy and unhealthy cholesterols in your body. This is highly risky for our hearts.

8. Poorly Cooked

You have no idea how the burger that you just order to be home delivered was cooked or to what extent was it cooked. For all you know, it could be cooked partially or using poor quality materials that will further deteriorate your health.

9. Hormones

To make up for the profit that the junk food industry strives upon, the meat used in these items is loaded with hormones to ensure that animals grow rapidly at an unnatural pace and be available on a tie for consumption.

10. Infertility

All the hormones that go into our body by eating such substandard meat have been associated with increasing infertility rate in women world over.

11. Animal Torture

While you are thinking of the food that you are eating, take a moment to imagine the torture and inhumane conditions those animals are subjected to as well. A little research on this subject will have you cringing at even the mention of junk food forever.

12. Not a Good Cheat Meal

While you might be thinking that having these foods once in a while as a potential cheat meal would be acceptable, let us burst that bubble for you too. The junk food comes packed with more carbs, complex and simple than you can anticipate. This would totally ruin your diet and all the progress you have made so far.

13. Environmental Hazards

To increase the shelf life, the food is packed in packaging that is cheaper and made from an easily available plastic material. This causes major environmental pollution and all this littering is a hazard for our planet.

These are just 13 of some of the many reasons why you need to give up on junk food starting today. Saying that it is unhealthy doesn’t even begin to tell the amount of damage it can do your bodies. Choose the right kind of food and make healthy life choices: it is the only way of ensuring that you enjoy a healthy long life even years after.

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