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Causes of Facial Fat and How to Nip Them in the Bud

Achieving a healthy weight loss in any part of the body is not as easy as it sounds, but when you tackle the causes of facial fat, you will be able to lose it quickly and effectively.

As you continue to cross-examine every part of your body for weight gain, you might neglect your face. Some people assume that weight gain can occur in any other part of the body, excluding their faces. While gaining facial weight is not as common as with some other parts of the body, it goes hand-in-hand with excessive weight gain all over the body.

Luckily for you, you can easily slim down your face and get rid of the excess fat by living a healthy lifestyle and following some popular weight-loss strategies.   

What are the Causes of Facial Fat?

Face fat may occur as a result of your eating lifestyle, as well as some hormonal factors and genetics. It usually starts with the accumulation of extra fat deposits around the sides of your face, thus changing its size, shape, and structure. Also, there are some instances where excess fat moves from the lower part of your body and reappears at the sides of your face. This is usually referred to as a moon face in medical terms. At this point, your face will become full, and puffy, and your cheeks will become bigger.

Face fat can disrupt your look and make you feel uncomfortable. Other factors that can contribute to face fat include:

Steroid Medicines

When you use steroid medications to remedy autoimmune conditions for a longer time, it may cause your face to look puffy and accumulate fat. Other common factors that may lead to face weight include:

Hormonal Surges

Causes of facial fat: a man with a fat face
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Hormonal imbalances and disorders can also lead to facial fat. When your pituitary gland secretes more hormones than usual, it may prompt your adrenal gland to produce steroid hormones such as cortisol. An increase in your cortisol levels can make your body cells become resistant to insulin and lead to Cushing’s disease. When this happens, you may notice an unexplained weight gain in some specific parts of your body, including your belly, chest, and face.

High-Fat Diets

Excessive intake of high-fat foods may lead to weight gain in your face and affect your overall physical appearance. Some common examples of foods that may quickly allow fat to build up in your facial area include:

Fatty fish: Fatty fish contains a considerable amount of calories that can contribute to an overall body weight gain, including your face. Cold-water fatty fish can exist as cod, salmon, and herring. Apart from the fatty fish, you should also be wary of some meats and other types of fish, as they are among the causes of facial fat.

Seeds and nuts: Both seeds and nuts are naturally high in calories and may lead to face fat when taken excessively. Although they contain some important minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins that may be good to the body, you need to consume them in lesser quantities to avoid unexplained weight gain.

Animal milk: Animal milk is usually higher in calories than milk from other sources, such as drinks, juices, and other packaged foods. While dealing with face fat, you may reduce the rate by which you drink milk or desist from eating any food produced with milk.

Practical Steps That Will Help You Lose Face Fat

You don’t have to go under the knife to shed the unnecessary fat in your face. By committing to a healthy lifestyle and cutting back on some diets, you can minimize your face fat.

Other tested and trusted tips that will help you achieve effective facial fat loss include:

Drink More Water

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When you drink more water before enjoying your meal, your body will resist overeating. A study discovers that water consumption supports lipolysis, which usually occurs when your body converts the food stored in your body into fatty acids.

Adopt a Healthy Diet Plan

Embrace a healthier diet and an overall healthy lifestyle. A poor diet can expose you to excess weight gain.

Minimize Your Salt Intake

Salt can make your body retain extra water. This process can enable some parts of your body, including your face, to accumulate fat and swell up. But when you limit your salt intake, you can avoid unnecessary water retention in your body and the weight gain that accompanies it. 

Facial Exercise and Active Lifestyle

You can engage in some facial exercises to improve your facial appearance and slow down aging. By doing this, you will keep your facial muscles in good shape and make your face look slimmer. If you give room for a healthy and active lifestyle, you will eventually be able to put your fat face behind you.

Limit Your Intake of Refined Carbs

Eating a lot of refined carbs can increase the risk of excessive weight gain in all parts of your body, including your face. During processing, foods like cookies and pasta tend to lose most of their beneficial nutrients. The remnant sugar and calories are some of the popular causes of weight gain and fat accumulation in the human body.

You can reduce your intake of highly processed foods and adopt a low-calorie diet plan to increase weight loss in your face and other parts of your body.

Sleep Regularly

Photo Credit: Pixabay (Pexels)

Having a regular sleeping pattern is one of the best overall weight-loss strategies today. Depriving yourself of good sleep can spike up your body’s cortisol levels, which can lead to some adverse side effects. High cortisol levels can disrupt your metabolism rate, and when this happens, you begin to accumulate fat. But if you can adopt an adequate sleep schedule, you can lose weight in your face and other parts of your body.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

When you consume alcohol excessively, it can lead to dehydration, which triggers your body water retention system to swing into action. As your body tries to maintain an even distribution of the water retained across all parts, your face may become puffy and accumulate excess fat in the process. That is why you may need to limit your alcohol intake if you are looking to reduce facial fat or shed overall body weight.

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